I Wanna Brave and Bold All Night

So here is my favorite issue of The Brave and the Bold so far:

The Brave and the Bold #33

I considered starting off this entry with a joke, saying, “Here’s my favorite issue” and then showing some really retarded team-up like B’wana Beast and Crazy Quilt or something, but then I realized that nothing could possibly seem stupider and lamer than a Wonder Woman/Zatanna/Batgirl team-up.

This write-up will be brief.  I don’t want to tell you too much about this story, because it involves a surprising element that I don’t want to spoil.  I went into it without any knowledge of what it was about, and you should too.

So I will stick to the very basic nature of the story, which involves Zatanna organizing a bar-hopping girl’s night out after a rough day of crime-fighting.  If it sounds like this is some dopey Gotham City Sirens type nonsense, well… it kinda is.  Here are some highlights of Sex in the Gotham City:

This girly silliness goes on and on, and while my first instinct is to go, “Bleccch” there are actually several sweet and funny moments here, and more than almost any other comic I’ve ever read, it makes these larger-than-life superheroes seem like actual human beings.  If you read reviews and opinions about this issue on the internet (which you shouldn’t because they all give away the ending), you’ll find that a lot of people are upset about this, particularly irked by the idea – the very idea – that Wonder Woman is out dancing and flirting with dudes.  I don’t know what to say about the people who whine about things like that.  They can go fuck themselves, basically.  It takes a special kind of entitlement complex to think that your own personal interpretation of a 70-year-old character ought to be the interpretation.  Do these forum-trolling halfwits really think they have more of a grasp on Wonder Woman than J. Michael Sipowitz, the current writer of the Wonder Woman title?  Do they think they understand her more than the literally thousands of writers who have breathed life into the character in nearly a century’s worth of stories?  Seriously, fuck all of you guys for saying Wonder Woman shouldn’t dance.  Wonder Woman will dance whenever she wants to, you stupid assholes.

Anyway, after this night out, the girls end up at an all-night diner, and here is where the story shifts into a different tone.  Which basically means that this is where I’m going to stop talking about it.  It’s a wonderful story that started off silly and eye-rolly, and then began dropping subtle clues as to the direction it was headed in, and by the time it got there, my mind was fucking reeling from it all.  I actually got a little teary-eyed at the end of this book.  What it comes down to is that this is a sweet, touching, emotional testament to friendship and changing lives, and it shouldn’t be missed by anybody – especially not by hardcore Batman fans.

I love you, Barbara Gordon!  Blamm.

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