Three Cheers For Alex Kavanagh!!!

Last night I watched the movie Splice, starring the inimitable Adrian Brody.  The movie was actually really good, and I recommend checking it out.  However, what stood out for me more than anything else was Adrian Brody’s character’s fashion sense.  You know how in movies or TV shows about brilliant young scientists, they always make them wear wacky clothes to reflect their free-thinking anti-corporate attitudes?  From CSI to Jurassic Park, any time a sciencey guy in a lab appears on screen, they are sure to be decked out in a Hawaiian shirt or a vaguely punky hairdo, or some shit like that.  Well, costume designer Alex Kavanagh took this concept to dizzying heights in Splice.  She must have had a gift certificate to Spencer’s Gifts burning a hole in her pocket, because there’s really no other explanation for the shit Adrian Brody wears in this movie.

Here is the ensemble that first caught my eye.  Adrian makes his first splash in a matching plaid pants and jacket combo, with a novelty t-shirt that says I Bring Nothing to the Table.  Nothing but your eye for fashion, that is!!

Next up we have a Hugs Not Drugs novelty t-shirt under what appears to be a pleather vest with a strategically placed single 1″ button.  Pure class.

Soon after, Adrian is sporting the long-sleeve-shirt-under-short-sleeve-shirt look that assholes usually wear.  The outer layer depicts the evolutionary chain, except with some sort of hilarious punchline at the end, which I can’t really make out.  Santa Claus?  Did apes evolve into Santa Claus?  Or a bear?  What is that?  Only Alex Kavanagh and the Hot Topic sales associate who rang her up know for sure.

Next up is the fucking show stopper.  If Alex Kavanagh didn’t win some sort of costume design award for this one, then there is no justice in the world.  Feast your eyes…. ON THIS:

WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT??  Is it supposed to be an ironic pilot’s jacket?  An ironic sailor suit?  Is it supposed to just be a lab coat that he’s adorned with his own flair?  I have no idea, but whatever it is, it’s wonderful.  Leaving subtlety to the suits upstairs, Adrian completes his “homeless war veteran” look with adorable star stickers, crazy patches, and no less than three 1″ buttons on the lapel.  Let’s move in for a closer look:

From this angle, we can see that the three buttons are a cartoon skull, the radiation symbol (because he’s a scientist), and something else we can’t see.  Let’s just assume it’s a Horse The Band button.  We can also see that this package comes complete with another novelty t-shirt, though sadly we will never know its message.

After that outfit, we’ve got nowhere to go but down, so things get slightly more low-key from here on in.  We have a giant fingerprint t-shirt topped by a pleather jacket…

…and what appears to be some sort of riff on the periodic table of elements.  I don’t know what the gag is, but it’s no doubt irreverent and cheeky as fuck.

Finally, Adrian Brody proves that even formal affairs are no excuse to not look like a fucking lunatic:

Unfortunately, at this point in the movie, Adrian stops hanging out at the lab, and spends all of his time in a barn with his wife and a monster.  With no squares around to freak out, his fashion choices start to lean in a more utilitarian direction.  Mostly a lot of sweaters and turtlenecks, because barns are cold.

All kidding aside, this is actually a great movie with a lot more to offer than just ridiculous outfits to laugh at.  If you’re into awesome monster movies or science-gone-wrong cautionary tales, you should definitely give this one a try.

Speaking of movies, my next post will be something pretty huge and movie-related.  It should finally be up in the next couple of days, so stay sharp!  And in the meantime, would somebody give Alex Kavanagh a fucking Nobel Prize already??
UPDATE (01/18/11): As a reader was kind enough to point out in the comments section, Alex Kavanagh is a woman.  Whoops!  Look people, just because I run a blog doesn’t mean I should be expected to do the tiny amount of research necessary to determine the gender of people I’m writing about!  Out of respect for Ms. Kavanagh (and to make myself look a little less stupid), I’ve changed all the pronouns in this post to reflect her actual gender.  Sorry, Alex!!

4 responses to “Three Cheers For Alex Kavanagh!!!

  1. I just found this post while searching for more information about Alex Kavanagh (it’s a she). I loved all of the art direction in Splice, and I thought Kavanagh tied the costumes in well with the sets (their apartment is bursting with character). Even the outfits on the farm were interesting.

    And yeah, that’s a decorated lab coat.

    • Thank you for the info! I guess if I did even the bare minimum of research besides a quick visit to IMDB, I would have figured out Alex Kavanagh is a woman. I loved the costumes and set designs in Splice, but then again, I am a guy who appreciates crazy things. If that weren’t the case, however, I would probably think she went a little too far and that the outfits were a little bit distracting.

  2. Dear Chadd,
    Thank-you for highlighting the fact that I do indeed deserve a Nobel Prize, lol!
    “Clive’s” costumes were indeed eye catching. Adrien Brody was really fun to work with and embraced his character’s taste in clothing. I’m glad you noticed the progression.
    I enjoyed reading this, it made me laugh. Hopefully you will check out “Weirdsville” and review.

  3. haha thank you Alex – I’m glad you have an awesome sense of humor! Oh, and sorry for originally referring to you as “he.” I got a huge kick out of the costumes in this movie, great job!

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