Carl Barks, Don Rosa, and… Chadd Derkins???

In case any of you have ever questioned how far my appreciation of the Walt Disney corporation goes back, check out what I found buried in a closet at my parents’ house:

Yes, it’s an Uncle Scrooge comic book, written and drawn by yours truly!  I don’t remember exactly when I made this, but hopefully I was closer to 8 years old than, say, 17 or something like that.  Uncle Scrooge Comics #1 is an anthology featuring four adventures of the Disney Ducks.  Let’s take a look!



We begin with a typical Carl Barks-esque Beagle Boys tale, with the gang of crooks attempting to breach Scrooge’s money bin by way of an orange see-saw.  “I never knew old Scrooge had a knife!” may be my favorite quotation from any comic book ever.  Not only is it a knife, but it appears to be a solid gold knife!  Scrooge’s intentions with the knife don’t seem to be entirely clear…  if the Beagle Boy had made it to the window, would Scrooge have stabbed him to death?  Would the crook’s accomplice have warned him with his purple bullhorn?  Luckily, we’ll never see Scrooge’s bloodlust in action, for before the stabbing can begin, his enemy harmlessly plummets from the biggest building in Duckburg with a comical “bump” and then spends the rest of his life in prison.



Holy crap, I was such a weird kid.  The second story in my comic book is just a real Uncle Scrooge story that I appear to have cut out of a magazine and stapled into my book.  The only changes I made were adding my own title (and what a title!) and writing “THE END” at the story’s conclusion.  What the hell was wrong with me??  Sorry about the shitty scan job on this one, by the way.  Younger me’s stapling skills leave a lot to be desired!



Wow, I really pulled out all the stops for this one!  This story’s all-star cast includes Donald, Daisy and her nieces, Gladstone Gander, and even an appearance by Glitterin’ friggin’ Goldie!  As if that’s not enough, I even broke the fucking fourth wall by including myself in my own story, Stephen King style (my real name being Chris).  I end this tale with a hilarious gag that I’d bet anything I ripped off from an actual Uncle Scrooge comic, and just in case you’re not convinced of how obsessive I was, check out how accurately I rendered Scrooge’s bathing suit:

That, my friends, is attention to detail!



We end with a short story entitled Circus Fun in which Louie (or, as I spelled it here, “Luey”) has a dream about being a circus performer.  Quite frankly, this story sucks.  I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking, you guys.  I wonder what made me specifically choose Louie as the protagonist.  Did he add something to this story that Huey or Dewey would have lacked?  Boy did he ever!

That about wraps up my foray into Disney comics.  One thing I really love about this is that it was very clearly inspired specifically by Disney duck comics, and not by DuckTales.  No Launchpad or Webbigail in my fucking comic book!  This shit is old-school.  And with that, there’s really only one thing left to say:

Uncle Scrooge Comics available to download in .cbr format HERE.

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