Flashpoint: Week 2

DC’s Flashpoint event continues this week with Booster Gold #44.  I absolutely love the character Booster Gold (mostly from his roles in 52 and the Justice League International), but aside from the Generation Lost miniseries, I haven’t really kept up to date on his recent adventures.  Most notably, I know very little about the events of the Time Masters title or of Booster’s own book, both of which seem to directly lead in to his role in Flashpoint.  That could be slightly problematic, but this issue actually does a great job in catching new readers up.  Let’s dive in!

As usual, I will begin by pointing out that there are SPOILERS AHEAD!  Like last weeks Flashpoint #1, this issue ends with a shocking twisty cliffhanger type thingie, so if you don’t want to fuck that up for yourself, stop reading this now and go read the damn comic book!

We begin with a confused and disoriented Booster Gold (along with his robot helper Skeets) suddenly finding himself in the Flashpoint Universe version of Coast City.  For some reason, military guys in the area mistake him for an Atlantean (who, as you’ll remember, are warmongering terrorists in this universe).

Why are they so convinced of his Atlantean heritage, you ask?  Well:

I am guessing that line about flying is meant to highlight yet another key difference between this universe and the DCU proper (where like half the population can fly), but still, that’s some fucked up logic!  Especially considering the fact that, based solely on this line of reasoning, they immediately begin bombing the holy fuck out of Booster.

While Booster is struggling to escape these attacks, we readers are treated to a two-page recounting of our hero’s origin story.  I guess DC are under the impression that many people who are unfamiliar with the character will be reading this issue due to its connection to the Flashpoint event.  I kind of question whether that’s true, but even if it is… fuck those people.  Do we really need two pages to explain the very basics of Booster Gold in issue #44 of his own series?  Just look at Wikipedia, people!  However, huge hypocrite that I am, I appreciated the last couple of panels of this sequence, which explained Booster’s current status quo:

That’s all we needed to know!  Or, at least, that’s all I needed to know, and that is the only thing that matters!!

Anyway, at this point, the US military seem to have made the death of Booster Gold their #1 priority, even going so far as to have satellites shoot at him from outer space.  Because of how different things are, Booster figures out that he must be in a different timeline, which seems to me like a hasty conclusion to jump to, but I guess this is an area in which he has a lot of experience.  We are then treated to yet another exposition-filled flashback, which explains exactly how Booster wound up in this alternate universe.

Based on what it says in the narration box, this happened right after the events of the Time Masters miniseries, but I am not sure if it’s something we’ve seen already in previous issues of Booster Gold, or if it’s supposed to be some kind of revelation here.  My first thought here is that this is at least the second experience Booster’s had with mysterious messages left mysteriously on a mysterious chalkboard (the first occurring during 52).  Perhaps due to this, Booster is all like, “Been there, done that, see you losers later” and he retreats to the kitchen to make himself a sandwich.  Upon opening the refrigerator he is somehow whisked away, with a resounding , to Flashpointland, where he and Skeet decide that they need to figure out who wrote the chalkboard message (speculating that it might have been someone named “Black Beetle”).  For some reason they suddenly become very concerned about Green Lantern’s well-being, so they rush off to Coast City, which brings us back to the beginning of the issue.

With our heroes still on the run from the armed forces, Skeets has an idea that involves using a homing device in Booster’s suit to pull them back to their own timeline or some shit like that.  When it doesn’t work, the lovable little robot reaches a shocking and dim conclusion:

The only timeline!  That’s pretty interesting.  It’s not as if alternate universes and timelines are a new concept in the world of comics, but I am still finding myself completely intrigued by this whole Flashpoint thing!  The only timeline, wow!

With all hope of escape lost, Booster must now face off against the military’s SUPER SECRET WEAPON:

In a shocking twist, the DCU’s least interesting villain shows up to destroy Booster Gold.  It’s worth noting that in this universe, Doomsday:

1 – is an agent of the government of some kind
2 – is a lovely shade of green
3 – wears some sort of cybernetic armor that brings to mind both Cyborg and Deadshot

I sort of can’t wait to find out what the fuck is up with Doomsday, and I don’t even like Doomsday!  But alas, such finding out must wait for another day because TO BE CONTINUED…

Nothing!  See you in June, Flashpoint!

Flashpoint: Week 1

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