The Pile: Day 1

I think I read more books than these but I forgot what they were. Today was my only day off this week so I tried to get through as many as possible.

Infinite Crisis #1-7

I already had #7, but it felt weird reading the other six and not that one. I don’t really know how to feel about this because it was weird and complicated and I had to sit there and google a lot of people in it. To be honest, I only kind of know what happened and am probably going to use the wikipedia to figure out exactly what happened in those books. The ending was awesome… but I already had that book.

Blackest Night: The Question #37

This is another book I didn’t really understand. The art was kind of terrible and hard to follow and I had to look up the people in it who were not Renee Montoya. Would it help if I read the rest of the Question? I read all of Blackest Night and I don’t get it at all.

Robin Annual #4

I really liked this story of Dick Grayson’s first year as Robin. I mean, he’s no Stephanie Brown, but he’s pretty okay. This book was really fun (like the rest of the Chuck Dixon Robin stuff I’ve read) but..

Batman #436 & 437

Were not even though they essentially told the same story. The felt really dated and Batman showed up in the middle of the day at a circus? Also there was a nun and a lot of flashbacks and I really didn’t care for this at all. I’m kind of dreading having to finish 438 and 439. They stay in the pile today.

Wonder Woman #221-226

I really love this run of Wonder Woman, and kind of sad that the last book before the next volume doesn’t really have any sort of cohesive ending. Maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention. Anyways, Diana turns herself in to the International Crimanl Court in the Hague and promises to stay… until Cheetah shows up and OMACs start attacking Themyscira.. and then the gods will Themyscira to disappear. The judges get mad at her for leaving even though she was on SUPER PROBATION, the gods summon her to Olympus to be like “Oh, you saved your people? Bye,” and then leaves her alone on Earth still on trial. The last issue is a montage of her being friends with Superman? I don’t get it.

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