The Pile: Day 2

Happy comic book day! Wooo!


Okay only half of these books are actually from the pile, but still.

Here’s the short version:

Here’s the long version:

Batman Beyond Unlimited #1

This was pretty weird. The first story is Batman Beyond (who is apparently just some dude named Terry) fighting guys who think dressing up like the joker is a pretty good time. Also Barbra Gordon is the police commissioner. The second story is about the Justice League Beyond and they fight the Jokerz AND people who augment their bodies with animal parts. MEH.

Detective Comics #678

This is a story where Batman hallucinates that he gets killed instead of his parents that fateful night outside a theater, and then hallucinates that he’s Batman ON that night, he goes to look for Joe Chill who it turns out might have been passed out in a bed high on heroin the night his parents were shot. Batman thinks to himself “Does it really change anything if I never brought that man to justice… NOPE.” It was also nice to read a book where the entire story was here and was not to be continued.

Green Arrow Black Canary #23

So the first story in this is about the Green Arrow tracking some dude called Big Game who is the successor to another dude named Big Game and then there’s an explosion. The second story is Black Canary arresting some dude and Wildcat shows up and apparently Black Canary did something awful and a bunch of people died, and she’s a whiny cry baby about it. Then Wildcat is like “Don’t worry, Batman and Superman are also total whiny crybabies!” Then she gets a call from Green Arrow and then she’s at the explosion from the first story!

The Huntress #1

This was a comic book I read. There were some mafia dudes? I guess it was supposed to tell the back story of the Huntress but it didn’t really succeed at all. She drops out of college to fight crime because her family of gangsters got killed by other gangsters? I don’t get it. I paid 80 cents for this???

Justice League #6

The purple lady flashpoint lady, who turns out to be named Pandora is in this one and she shoots the Phantom stranger. I also think Batman gets medal. I mean, the rest of the Justice League gets one too, but they’re nowhere near as important as Batman. I guess Wonder Woman is pretty close.

Manhunter #1

I figure this is also supposed to be an origin story? Some lady steals equipment from police evidence to kill a cannibal snake metahuman dude who eats people after failing to get him convicted for murder. I guess I would have to read #2 to understand anymore.

Supergirl #55

Supergirl fights Bizarro Supergirl and it’s weird. Supergirl punches Bizarro Girl and says “Now that’s what I call a close enounter!” I can’t find a youtube clip of that and it’s really depressing.

Tiny Titans #49

Tiny Titans is the best comic book. This one is about all of the squishy titans and it’s pretty boring except until LARFLEEZER SHOWS UP and Glomulus eats everything in the treehouse’s fridge. Hopefully they’re saving up all the good ideas for the final issue next month!

Wonder Woman Secret Files and Origins #2

I’m pretty happy I read this because I honestly had no idea who Donna Troy was.. there’s an origin story in here but it doesn’t explain that it’s the origin OF Donny Troy until you get to some red bordered “lost pages”. It also doesn’t explain from where those pages are lost. I think they were supposed to go at the end of that first story. It also his bios of some of the Olympian pantheon.

Angel and Faith #7

Drusilla and Faith’s deadbeat dad show up. Faith trusts both of them, Angel trusts neither of them. This continues to be waaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaay better than Buffy. Also no one’s faces look like they’re melting.

The Walking Dead #93 & 94

I had been contemplating picking up this and reading it again despite my love hate relationship with The Walking Dead. Mostly hate. Since hating Glee got to easy, I figured it was time for me to start focusing my internets on talking about how much I don’t care for the Walking Dead.

Anyways, these two books focus on… Rick Grimes talking!!! What a fucking surprise! Rick Grimes talks for two issues! After trying up some dude who comes from another group of people as an emissary for two days, he decides for everyone that it’s best for them to try and get integrated with what is left of society instead of trying to remain in an isolated community and everyone else blindly follows. I’m pretty sure everyone is going to die soon.

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