The Pile: Day 3

Considering I had both work and school today I feel like I got a pretty good amount done:

Short Version:

Long Version:

Manhunter #29-35

I’m honestly a little upset that I learned more about Manhunter from #31 than I did from #1. There’s like a whole two page explanation! It was awesome.

I also learned some very valuable things:

The head of the DEO: not a skeleton! He just has invisible skin!

Also, he’s black!

Wonder Woman was not found guilty of the murder of Maxwell Lord.

These books were pretty good for the most, and I really like Manhunter as a character, but that second arc  from #31 on felt like it was everywhere. There were like three plot lines going on, the Birds of Prey were there, the Suicide Squad was there, some guy is being haunted by St. Dumas, Cameron Chase is pregnant, Manhunter’s son has super powers. I feel like it’s really too much for one book to try and cover. Maybe all of that stuff gets resolved in some issues I don’t have and it’s awesome! Also I had no idea who St. Dumas was until I read…

Batman #504

So in this book the Jean-Paul Valley Batman fights Catwoman because of the voices in his head who he claims are St. Dumas. That’s pretty much all that happens. It was ok. There was also a really excellent PSA featuring Blue Beetle and Booster Gold talking about AIDS.

I dunno who that lady is but she rules.

Batman and the Outsiders #12 & 18

So #12 is the oldest book I own! Woo! It’s apparently part of a story about Katana but works okay on it’s own, it even gives the origin of Katana. There are also some really silly villains, like a guy named Nunchaku who has NUNCHUCKS FOR HANDS. NUNCHUCKS. FOR. HANDS. That must be the most practical body augmentation ever invented, and he must be feared by all who see him.

In #18 Batman and the Outsiders are in ancient Egypt? What? I don’t even know what the fuck they’re doing but they’re in ancient Egypt and one of the Pharaohs mind controlled Metamorpho? Also, there’s a subplot where Halo tries to commit suicide, and it’s pretty sad. I really hope she doesn’t die.


Secret Six #6

I already read this, but I was pretty happy when I found it for $.80 at ye olde comic book sale. Most of this book is pretty weird out of context and involves the six fighting among  themselves trying to get a ‘Get Out of Hell Free’ card. Deadshot shoots Scandal Savage in the head.

The best part of this book is  story that Jeannette, a good old fashioned highland bansee, tells to the six about her past. She’s forced to watch as a murderous countess torture and murder young girls, promising Jeannette that she’ll be subject to an even worse fate when the countess takes hers as the final life on her killing spree. The countess ends up being captured and locked for the rest of her life in a tower, but Jeannette decides to stay on as her handmaid, sprinkling glass onto her food and listening as the Countess dies a terribly slow, agonizing death.

It’s really scary, haunting, I love the shit out of it!

Nightwing #133

So for a while there it turns out Dick Grayson was some kind acrobatic gym teacher. This book has a lot of Nightwing jumping around and swinging off things and crashing through windows. I guess some other stuff happens too. Vigilante shows up at the end and wants to kill Nightwing. Whatever.

Batgirl #39-41

I love Cass Cain as Batgirl, but these books are just pretty okay. Batgirl meets some vaguely middle eastern dude named Black Wind. Bruce Wayne sends her and Barbra Gordon on a cruise to relax, only to find that the Black Wind is on the ship and is trying to make terrorism all over it! Also Superboy is there! Batgirl and Superboy stop whatever it was that Black Wind was going to do and then they make out a little.

In #41 Batgirl rides on the roof of a bullet train from Gotham to meet Superboy in Smallville. She spends the entire book trying to kiss him, and he tries to impress her with his telekinesis and adventures. They end up in some sort of valley with a weird monster from S.T.A.R. Labs and Batgirl easily subdues it with a punch and Superboy flies her back to Gotham.

I also got this awesome Batgirl toy to go with my tiny Batgirl!!

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