The Pile: Day 5


Short Version:


Tim Drake (Not Pictured)

Long Version:

Batman #438, 439, 442

I regret not reading those first two sooner, because they’re WAY better than #436 and 437. I read 437 first by accident, but I didn’t even really need to read 436 first because it’s mostly filler. Thankfully I didn’t spend time reading through the next five until getting to #442.

The first story actually turns out to be more than weird flashback and a nun. Oh god, the nun. Why?? WHY?? It shows what Dick Grayson gained from being the ward (this word gets thrown around a lot in the book. Wards everywhere. No Burt Ward, though) of Bruce Wayne. Bruce can be there for Dick in a way that no one was there for him, and Dick becomes a better person for it. He doesn’t have the terrible brooding angst that constantly burdens Bruce.

These two stories together show why Batman and Robin need each other. Without Robin, Batman becomes needlessly violent and doesn’t think ahead; with Robin Batman thinks carefully. While he may not care about his own life, having a sidekick forces Batman to think critically about any dangerous situations he might put himself in, because Robin will be there.

Oh yeah, Tim Drake is there in that last one. He’s Robin now. Tim Drake!

Robin #134

Hey you guys remember Batman #442? Yeah? No? Yeah? Well this fucking Robin book has a flashback to a scene from that book! Also it mentions Stephanie “The Best Robin” Brown’s tenure as the best of all the Robins. Batman wants to adopt Tim, Tim thinks that’s awesome. Someone shoots Tim fulla arrows on the top of a building!  To be continued!

Detective Comics #793

Batman and that Dr. Leslie whoever deliver a baby in an abandoned subway. Batman beats up Mr. Freeze. Later, Dr. Leslie is all like “WHY WON’T YOU BE A DOCTOR? LIKE YOUR FATHER?”

Salvation Run #4 – 7

This issue has a good-old-fashioned ape fight between Gorilla Grodd and that other gorilla guy who carries a brain around in a jar with a face on it. Grodd wins… until the joker kicks him off a cliff. Then Joker’s gang fights Luthors and then Lex and the Joker have a 1 on 1… until it turns out the entire planet is a training ground for Apokolips Paradaemons. Everyone fights the Paradaemons; Solomon Grundy dies, Captain Cold isn’t sure if it’s Saturday. Lex Luthor has “an advanced degree in teleportation from mad scientist school,” and makes a teleporter powered by five or six really unfortunate people. Everyone escapes except for those guys and Chemo, who Lex uses to blow up his fancy teleporter while proclaiming, “THEY’RE NOT HEROES! I’M THE HERO!” like he’s an angry teenager. No wonder Superman has to fight this guy.

Oh yeah, they also capture Martian Manhunter and leave him there in a big burning cage. Sad time.

X-23 #4

So this comic book comes with a really long weird explanation about how Wolverine’s soul is trapped in hell and X-23 is being haunted by the demon inhabiting his body who appears to her as Wolverine. I don’t think anything related to that happens in this book. X-23 kills some guy, then Gambit tells her fortune with playing cards. To be continued?

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