I Didn’t Read Any Comics Today…

…but I did buy some legos and a buffalo-style chicken wrap.

Short Version:

Long Version:

First off, that Buffalo-Style wrap was pretty okay. There were some pretty good hunks of bleu cheese in there but it definitely could’ve used more lettuce.

I have a huge fucking headache (maybe even a migraine) and the idea of reading a book makes it worse, so I needed some medicine. When I went to target I decided “Dammit, I’m an american! Buying things will undoubtedly make it better!” And it did. I think some of that might be the medicine though.

This is what comes in a box of legos nowwadays, a mini comic, a giant instruction manual, four tiny bags of legos and one cardboard envelope containing a tiny nylon cape.

The easy part was making these guys:

I’m also kind of sorry to say that Lego Wonder Woman has the best costume I’ve seen on Wondy in a long time.

Then I had to make Lex’s armor, and that took about thirty minutes. This thing has a whole lot of parts! I used to think I understood what Professor Kane was talking about, I was THERE when Legos started being complicated. Holy fuck was I wrong! This guy has so many tiny moving parts that snap together… it’s pretty much a million times cooler than the legos I had in the ’90s. Even the robot ones.

I was kind of angry that Superman has to be the one saving Wonder Woman so I changed the story a little:

Great Hera! Lex Luthor has captured the hapless Superman using his kryptonite powered armor! I have to stop him before he destroys Jenny Incompetence's turntable!!!


One response to “I Didn’t Read Any Comics Today…

  1. Lego Wonder Woman has giant underwear or Superman’s underwear is just too small (plus he don’t got boots on).

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