The Pile: Day 7

Exciting stuff happened!

After destroying his power armor and subduing Lex Luthor until the Metropolis PD arives, Wonder Woman freed Superman from Luthor’s kryptonite clutches. “Thanks Wonder Woman! I never would’ve expected Lex Luthor, my arch nemesis, to exploit kryptonite, my only weakness!” exclaimed the worst super hero.

I got an awesome package from Art Blatazar:

Aw yeah comics!

And I read more comic books with Tim Drake in them:

I love Tiny Titans so much! I’m like 8 books away from having the entire run. Aside from the mail carrier trying to stuff all these books into my tiny ass mailbox this is an A+++ package. He signed all the books, sent me an awesome sketch and a signed DC Super Pets poster! I really want to put up the poster… but I’d also like to have sex in the near future, so I think I’ll hold off. He even wrote ‘Aw Yeah!’ on the invoice.

Aw yeah, invoice!!

Tiny Titans #22-25, 30-32

There’s not enough good that I can say about Tiny Titans. I like to read these books when I’m sad because they’re so amazingly funny and heart warming. They always make me feel better.

Batman Gotham Adventures #37

So this book has a story that I feel like I’ve seen a million times. The Mad Hatter captures Batman and puts him in a fantasy world, and then Batman, realizing it’s not real because he’s happy, pulls off the helmet captures the Mad Hatter.

Also, Nightwing is there and he he has a SUPER MULLET.

Business in the front, party in the back.

Oh yeah, and you know who else is in this book? Tim Drake!! Tim Drake, everybody!

Batman #619

I think this is the end off all that Hush stuff I meant to read at one point! It turns out the Riddler has been pitting everyone up against Batman the whole time! Also, he used one of Ra’s Lazarus pits to cure his terminal cancer and he’s pissed. Batman and the Riddler call it a draw and walk away.

Birds of Prey #121

Barbra Gordon makes Misfit go to high school, and she doesn’t really like it and quickly proceeds to get in a fight! But ruh roh! Huntress is one of her teachers!! And Black Alice is there, and popular!! Also the joker does some stuff? I think he shoots someone.

Robin #106

I read this book before work and I don’t remember what happened in it at all. I flipped through it real quick and Tim and Batman talk for a while, then someone steals the Batmobile, and then Robin stops him or something. I dunno.

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