Art Baltazar: Greatest Man Alive

When I got a package from Art Baltazar last Moday, my immediate thoughts were “I should give this man more money.” And then I did, I sent him about a million dollars and in return he sent me this:

Holy crap is this awesome!!  I’m pretty sure he stuffed everything within arms reach into this box, because I got a bunch of extra comics, some baseball cards, a souvenir book from Comic Con 2011, buttons of pixilated batgirl and robin, an adorable bone shaped superpets tag, his badge from Wizard World Chicago 2006, a tiny box of milk duds, AND A DRAWING OF STEPHANIE BROWN AS THE SPOILER sdjklagbljasdbgjsdabfjkasdfd. I wish I didn’t have all the Tiny Titans books now so I could send him more money. This made my day, week, month, year!!

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