The Pile: Day 11

Greetings, all six of my readers.

Long Version:

Batgirl #42

Batgirl and Batman crash a fancy party where they’re serving death soda. Batman and Oracle argue about Cassandra’s life. After finding out about Batgirl’s trip to Kansas to stare at Superboy, Batman goes to Superman and tells him “CLARK, KEEP YOUR SON AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER” Batgirl and Batman crash a fancy death soda auction, and it turns out Dr. Death, who made the soda, isn’t there and he sold it all to some terrorists.

Birds of Prey #98

A Mafia lady gets out of prison and shoots some folks. Helena Bert-and-ernie walks a little girl trained by Lady Shiva around the park. Some girl has decided to call herself Batgirl. Huntress and Black Canary hunt her down and she’s kind of a jerk and knows the secret sorcret identities of the Birds. But who is she?? Find out in #99.

Robin #119 & 120

Cass Cain scares some dues, Steph Brown moves out of a shady apartment. Tim Drake is there.

In #120 there’s a really long explanation about how Batman has been fucking with Tim Drake for “training” purposes. He gets Alfred to put on a funny costume and makes Tim intensely paranoid and stalk all the other Batfolks and think there’s time travel and holograms and weird shit. After Batman tells Tim he was just fucking with him and Alfred isn’t dead and there’s no such thing as time travel, Tim takes off his costume and quits. Fuck you, Batdad.

When he realizes he would miss hanging out with Batman, he sneaks into the Batcave and becomes Robin again.

Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #120

In the midst of No Man’s Land, Batman kicks Huntress out of the Bat-club and takes away her cowl and costume. The rest of the Bat-club convenes at Oracle’s base of operations an Batman lays out a plan for regaining control of Gotham from the giant ridiculous gang war. Cassandra Cain becomes Batgirl! Tim Drake is there.

Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #1

Guy Gardner smashes some really great stuff. It’s some really A+ destruction, you guys. He rides on a big green motorcycle, relaxes in a big green recliner, hits stuff with a big green baseball bat. He talks to the Guardians of Oa about patrolling the outskirts of the universe, and to his surprise they think it’s a pretty good idea. Guy meets up with Ganthet at wherever the Big Black Book of the Black and they have a chat about how they need to be friends with Atrocitus. Guy doesn’t want to. On Ysmault, Atrocitus doesn’t want to be friends either. He plays in the blood ocean.

Manhunter #22-25

You guys remember that one time I bought super, very, extra, on sale, very, deep discount, dollar-bin-but-I-get-25%-everything-in-the-comic-book-store, seventy-five cent issues of Manhunter? Well I bought more. Manhunter!

Once again there are like three or four story arcs happening at the same time and it’s all really confusing. That guy and the amulet and St. Dumas are there. Agent Chase is being stalked by some weird dude calling himself Sweeny Todd who has been eating the pituitary glands of other metahumans.

So one year later, Kate Spencer: Ace Attourney is defending Dr. Psycho in court for some reason. His fancy brain inhibiting device malfunctions in the court room and gives him control over everyone in it until Manhunter gives him a corpus callostomy with her power staff.

Manhunter finds out that her grandmother was the Phantom Lady. Director Bones gets a massage. Some lady has a baby.

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