The Pile: Day 12

I read a million books yesterday, here are some:

Short Version:

Long Version:

Justice League of America Wedding Special #1

“He doesn’t want strippers at his party.”

“Yes. How could you possibly know that?”

“I’m Batman.”

Girlfrenzy! Batgirl #1

This was really fun, Batgirl chases around Zsasz after he murders one of her friends. She beats the tar out of him. It’s awesome.

Batman Incorporated #8

So this book was an okay adventure following Batman and Oracle as they try and thwart off an evil computer virus in Batman’s super virtual reality internet while his investors watch. The main problem that I had with this was that all of the images were CGI generated and they were pretty much were impossible to follow. It was like an episode of Reboot, except not awesome.

Batman Gotham City Secret Files & Origins #1

The main story in this book has Catwoman and Batgirl fighting stuff around Gotham. Batgirl can’t talk yet, so it’s mostly Catwoman talking and assuming that Batgirl kind of understands what she’s saying. Catwoman breaks into the Penguin’s office and burns some of his very important documents. There are also some “lost pages” where the joker runs around and does stuff. I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention.

Black Canary (2007) #1-4

Black Canary is trying to find some place for this girl Sin who I guess is her sister or daughter or something to go to school. They stop at a fast food place and she, being trained by Lady Shiva, beats the snot out of some other kids. Black Canary doesn’t really want to marry Green Arrow. Also, Black Canary and Green Arrow fight a bunch of Elvis impersonators trying to murder the Japanese Prime Minister?

Sin goes to school and gets kidnapped by Merlyn, and then Canary beats the tar out of Merlyn, and she thinks Sin dies and gets really upset. It turns out to be an elaborate scheme concocted by Oliver Queen and Sin is really safe and in the middle of nowhere and the entire Justice League thinks she’s dead. Black Canary decides to marry Green Arrow.

Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special #1

The Green Arrow and Black Canary get married and invite all the superheroes to a wedding. Green Arrow doesn’t want strippers at his superhero batchelor party. All of the superladies, of course, go to the strip club. Zatanna yells “EKAT TI FFO YBAB!!!” Deathstroke finds out the about their wedding and crashes it with all the other supervillains. All the superheroes are there. Tim Drake: noticeably absent.

When Canary and Arrow try to make sexy time after the Wedding, Oliver inexplicably tries to kill Dinah and she stabs him in the head with an arrow.

Green Arrow/Black Canary #1

Everybody thinks Dinah killed Ollie in that Wedding Special except her… and Batman. Batman is like “yeah… that doesn’t sound like the Green Arrow,” and it turns out it wasn’t him at all. It was some sort of shapeshifty dude named Everyman. It turns out Green Arrow is being held captive by amazons! What an incredibly boring plot twist!

Outsiders #29-30, 32-33

What is this I don’t even.

Countdown Presents: The Search For Ray Palmer Gotham by Gaslight #1

So Jason Todd, Kyle Rayner, Donna Troy, and the Monitor have formed some sort of D-List supersquad and are traveling between parallel earths to try and find Ray Palmer. This particular earth is one where everyone is stuck in the Victorian era. Batman’s there. They don’t find Ray Palmer.

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