The Pile: Day 16

Happy comic book day!

I got three big, Ceelo Green, buffalo-style, “Fuck you!”s from comics today.

Batgirl #7

Batgirl is fighting some dudes trying to steal a millions dollar bottle of wine, she exchanges flirty fisticuffs with Black Canary. This is everything I could’ve ever hoped for. But then as she’s chasing the crooks through the sewers she tramples on one–here’s the fuck you–he’s… of the dudes who palled around with the Joker in The Killing Joke. WHY ON EARTH.

Buffy Season 9 #7

Melty faces aside, this started out pretty fun. Pregnant-but-going-with-Spike-to-get-an-abortion Buffy moves in with Spike aboard his extrademensional giant bug piloted hovering spaceship. After getting a call from some police agents, Buffy and Spike kill the shit out of a bunch of Vampires! Yay! Actual vampire slaying in the comic about the Vampire Slayer! After most of the vamps get dusted–here’s the fuck you–one Vampire comes out of nowhere and…

…bites Buffy’s arm and tears it off. Yanks the whole thing right off, because she’s a Buffybot. WELL THEN.

Suicide Squad #7

Deadshot and Savant are going through the Gotham PD trying to find Harley Quinn, who’s trying to get the Joker’s torn off face from evidence. King Shark fights off some police while some terrible characters named Lime and Light with fancy hologram powers disguise him as Clayface. The police catch Lime and when she starts to reveal the secrets of the Squad, Waller makes her head asplode.

Strong Bad explains the consequences of disobeying Amanda Waller.

All this is mixed in with Harley’s back story, and how now I guess the Joker dipped her into a vat of the crazy sauce he got all Joker-fied in.

Deadshot finally catches up with Harley and she clocks him real good on the head and ties him to a chair–here’s the fuck you–she…

…puts the Joker’s disembodied face onto Deadshot and starts talking to him as though he were the joker. YEP. He shoots her in the gut.

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