The Pile: Day 17

Promised Chad haikus

One Syllable for each day

I’ve read “The Pile”

The Batman Chronicles #22

Lady Shiva in France

A guy wants to fight. His end,



Steph Brown’s gross “Uncle”

Sends him to prison, third strike.

Her hair red, not blonde?

Batwoman #7

Kate Kane: on a date

Chase gives Batwoman new toys

Bette Kane: a coma

Batman Battle for the Cowl The Network #1

Oracle, Misfit,

Manhunter, Huntress, Batgirl,

and Ragman do stuff.

Superman/Batman #5

Luthor: president

Batman: Hawkman. Kent: Shazam!

Oh, Tim Drake is there.

Green Lantern #7

Sinestro captured

By crazy Indigo Tribe.

Hal Jordan still sucks.

Saucer Country #1

Southwest governor,

Abducted by aliens,

“We’re being invaded!!”

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