AMC’s “Comic Book Men” and Women

Hey, wow this show makes me really angry! I keep watching it because… well, part of me really enjoys being angry about inconsequential things.  Just hearing Kevin Smith say the word “Batman” makes my skin crawl. Ughh.

I feel like this show has a huge bias against women. Here’s how they’re portrayed in the most recent episode. I also ramble about how much I hate The Killing Joke!

First, this lady comes in:

I need a comic book for my boyfriend!!

Usually on this show, one woman comes in the store and the dudes who edit the show make her look bonkers. Also, they never want to buy any comic books for themselves. It’s for their manfriend. Women don’t read comics, you guys. That’s why the show is called Comic Book Men.

They make this seem even more apparent when this next lady comes in:

She wants to try and sell the comic book store some pretty neat superhero Barbie dolls. The guy who runs the store is like “What am I going to do with these toys dressed like popular superheroes? These are for girls! Girls don’t come in here, this is a comic book store!” That’s some Superman level dickery right there.

Then some guy brings in this stupid comic book by a sad, hermit wizard:

First off, this was published in 1988. Second, at the time Barbra Gordon was not Batgirl. Not even a little bit. Earlier in ’88 Babs hung up the cowl after finishing her final unsolved case and saving the costume for someone who could do a better job than she did.

Kevin Smith cries about the Joker shooting Batgirl.. but doesn’t really put it in context at all. The Joker bursts into Comissioner Gordon’s house and shoots the lady who answers the door. He doesn’t know she’s Batgirl, he’s the Joker and he shot someone to hurt Gordon. It’s some real F– writing from a crazy person!

Chadd is going to probably disagree with me really hard about this but: I feel like the new 52 would’ve been a great way to retcon it out of continuity. They could’ve been all like “Wow, when Barbra was suffering from a degenerative spine disorder, it was really great when she was Oralce! Thankfully stem cell therapy helped heal her and now she can Batgirl it up again!” That would’ve been some B+ buffalo-style writing from a human person with feelings.

Oh yeah, this happened too:

“Hey wow that guy’s tatts look so bad ass!” “We should all get tatts.” “We’d better ask our [groan] wives first. Those ladies are such a drag! Always putting a damper on out youthful fun!”


5 responses to “AMC’s “Comic Book Men” and Women

  1. I love Babs Gordon with all of my heart, but I still wish they never undid the Killing Joke and kept her Oracle. Oracle had more power in her fingers the 85% of the DCU! Batgirl kind of feels like subordinate to Batman, Oracle was no one’s 2nd fiddle, she led a ferociously loyal army damnit.

    If anything having her around as Oracle was way more of a fuck you to the Killing Joke then undoing it. The Killing Joke said Babs is such an uninteresting character we can cripple her and it won’t matter, but when John Ostrander created Oracle he set her up to become one of the most interesting characters ever take that DC comics! TAKE THAT!

    Gee can you tell Oracle is my favorite DC and probably favorite overall comic character ever.

    • Jenny Incompetence

      The Killing Joke is still in continuity. Gail Simone keeps talking about it. It’s dumb. Oracle is terrific.

  2. Chadd was like “that’s wrong” about that Killing Joke date. Honestly, I sorta like the show but Walt is pretty SCUSTING, that Barbie crap is lame.The woman with the boyfriend, her man problalby loved the movies and most likely cared less about the comics. And the Kevin Smith instances are so weird and forced. He really doesn’t need to be on the show. This show has taught me to Ebay if I ever need some comic booky shit sold.

  3. As Jenny said, The Killing Joke is still in continuity. As it should be, because it’s one of the most important stories in Batman history. I don’t think The Killing Joke is any more unfair or dismissive of Barbara’s character as it is of her father’s character. Or Harvey Dent’s character in The Dark Knight, or Sarah Essen or Jason Todd, or any of the other people who The Joker has broken or killed to make a point. The Joker objectifies everybody. I don’t think it’s really fair to shit on Alan Moore just because he chose a strong woman as his victim in the story. After all, it only made her stronger and more awesome and less cliche. As Eliot stated, It allowed her to transcend from her truly sexist roots as a cutesy girl version of an established male hero, into a uniquely powerful character all her own.

    But anyway, yeah, I did get FURIOUS when I saw that 1975 thing on Comic Book Men.

    Hey, I really should write some shit on my own blog soon!

    • Jenny Incompetence

      Blah blah blah those issues of Suicide Squad a yeah later, had nothing to do with CRAZY WIZARD MAN blah blah blah

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