The Pile: Day 19

Hey you guys, comics!!

Batgirl #8

Did you guys know Babs got shot by the Joker?? Because she totally did!! Let’s spend another issue talking about it!! James Jr. is out of Arkham, and boy is he still evil. Some other stuff happens, but all that stuff can be summed up by this picture:

Apparently this is the end of this garbage, so hopefully Batgirl will stop being terrible next issue. Hopefully.

Batwoman #8

So Batwoman is still fighting Water Monster Lady, Hook Hand Guy, Killer Croc, and some evil dude. This was really confusing to read. Chase wants Batwoman to try and get information out of her girlfriend out of the case they’re both working. Batwoman stabs Maggie with a big ol’ tranquilizer syringe. Bette is still in a coma. Some lady with a bow shows up at the end.

Green Lantern #8

So Hal and Sinestro got captured by the indigo tribe, because I guess they’re kind of evil? Like… compassion is… evil? I’m not really sure what’s going on here. Sinestro chews through some stuff and tries to run away. Hal Jordan tricks Black Hand into channeling willpower and charges his dead green ring off Black Hand’s head, which is admittedly pretty badass. Unfortunately for Hal, it’s not enough power to really do anything. He tries to find Sinestro, but he’s an indo lantern now. Oh noes!

I’m not gonna lie, I was really enjoying Hal Jordan being annoying and powerless, forced to be Sinestro’s sidekick. I guess that ship sailed. Oh well.

Green Lantern The Animated Series #1

Hal Jordan and Kilowog fight some kind of shadow monster in a space ship? I dunno, man.

Suicide Squad #8

Yeah, wow, I would say this sucks but I couldn’t even follow what was going on for long enough to form a real opinion. This book is mostly flashbacks. Like, maybe they could’ve included some of this origin stuff earlier in the series when it would’ve been appropriate and easy to follow? At least Deadshot is gonna grow a mustache.

Buffy Season 9 #8

REMEMBER THAT ONE TIME BUFFY WAS A FUCKING ROBOT. Well it turns out, Andrew thought it would be super helpful to roofie Buffy at a party, and switch her brain into a robot! That makes perfect sense!! Super logical and definitely not a horrible fucking idea at all!!

Buffy, Spike, Andrew, and the awesome airship powered by giant bugs to go find Buffy’s actual body which is hiding out in Suburbia.. but ruh roh! She’s kidnapped by that annoying girl with pink hair!

The only good thing I can say about this is that at least Jeanty didn’t draw it. Ugh.

Secret #1

This is pretty weird and creepy and full of ye olde corporate espionage. Also most of the panels are in two colors, I like that. What exactly is happening must be the eponymous Secret, because I don’t know what is going on.

Saga #2

Aliens! Guys with TVs for heads! Magic! A giant spider monster lady with huge boobs! To be continues.

Saucer Country #2

After I read #1 I wasn’t super sure if I’d keep reading it. But I think I’ll add it to my pull list after this one, despite the lengthy discussion about anal probes and some guy talking to hallucinations of the man an woman etched on the voyager satellite.

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