My Little Pony: Avengeship is Magic

These are the Avengers:

This is the cast of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:

This is Loctite super glue:

Any questions?

Would I ruin perfectly good heroclix and my little pony figurines? Of course I would. I call them ponyclix. It’s been a dream of mine since… a few months ago to form an Avengers team with the cast of MLP:FiM and I started playing heroclix. It was resoundingly called “a pretty good idea” by me and only me.

Anyways, the Avengers movie guys are REALLY tough to get off the base. They’re stuck on there really good. Since Thor was from Free Comic Book Day, he was glued on in a way that made it pretty easy to get off. Anyway here they are, the all new My Little Pony: Avengeship is Magic Ponyclix:

The Incredible Pinkie Hulk

The Mighty Rainbow Thor


with Applejack as Captain Equestria…

…Twilight Sparkle as Pony Stark…

…and Rarity as the Invincible Iron Mare!

Sam Jackson is there, too.


Let’s hope they put up with this nonsense at the comic book store.

3 responses to “My Little Pony: Avengeship is Magic

  1. shouldn’t Twilight Sparkle use a Dr Strange clix so she can do magic? 😀

  2. I’m gonna have to ask where you got those mlp figures. I must make ponyclix for m…………… my friend. 😛
    Seriously, where?

  3. Yeah, i’d really like to know where you got those as well.
    And forget my friend, they are totally for me.

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