The Nintendo Resolution: Gunman Clive 2

Gunman Clive 2
Console: Nintendo 3DS
Start Date: January 29, 2015
End Date: February 6, 2015

Still struggling hard with the endgame of Unepic on the Wii U, I continued to turn my attention to 3DS games.  And at the end of January, the long-awaited sequel to the great indie platformer Gunman Clive was released.

The first game was an Old West-themed side-scrolling shooter, which wore its Mega Man influence on its sleeve.  What made it stick out from the pack were its gorgeous sepia-toned visuals, which looked like they came straight out of a comic book penciller’s sketchpad.  The sequel sticks largely to this same formula, adding only a slightly enhanced color palette, and a bit more variety in the levels.  While the first game stuck pretty closely to the western theme, this one takes our titular cowboy to exotic locations like China and South America, and the results are delightful.

The gameplay remains almost exactly the same, however, which is a great thing.  What I love about these games is that the levels are very challenging, but they are also completely fair and really short.  You might have to go through a level ten times to get the full lay of the land, but when you finally reach that exit, it is immensely satisfying.  And since a successful level run generally takes around one minute at the most, going through them repeatedly never gets exceedingly frustrating.

The bosses are great too, particularly the final boss.  Defeating him reminded me of a simplistic 2D version of Shadow of the Colossus.  Spoiler Alert:


After about a week of playing off and on, I beat the game:

Clive ending

Here is my Clear Time:

clear time

I am not exactly sure what the deal with those two numbers is supposed to be.  I think the top number represents the cumulative total of my successful level runs, while the bottom number represents my total play time (including failures).  That makes sense, right?  If so, I’m pretty proud that I only spent around 37 minutes fucking up!

Hey, guess what?  BONUS TIME!!

Gunman Clive 1
Console: Nintendo 3DS
Start Date: January 13, 2013
End Date: February 12, 2015

So, a few days after finishing Gunman Clive 2, I decided to go back and revisit the original.  Now, I would have sworn on a stack of Bibles that I had beaten this game, but it turns out I did not!  I had gotten up to the VERY LAST LEVEL and then stopped playing!  What the fuck is wrong with me?  It’s not like the last level was especially difficult –  in fact, once I picked it back up again, I got through it in literally five minutes.  Well, whatever, this one is now checked off the list as well!

The Gunman Clive series is a perfect blend of old-school run-and-shoot platforming gameplay, and a beautifully stylized graphical presentation.  They are only $2 each on the 3DS eshop, and I’d say they are must-plays for any fans of classic Mega Man type games.  Here’s hoping there will be a Gunman Clive 3!

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