The Nintendo Resolution: Mighty Gunvolt

Mighty Gunvolt title
Console: Nintendo 3DS
Start Date: April 10, 2015
End Date: August 27, 2015

This little 8-bit Mega Man rip-off homage was apparently a free give-away for people who purchased the game Azure Striker Gunvolt.  That’s kind of weird because Azure Striker Gunvolt seems like the exact same game as this, except with better graphics.  “Hey thanks for buying our game!  As a gift, here is a shittier version!”  But I am probably talking completely out of my ass, because I haven’t played Azure Striker Gunvolt.  I got Mighty Gunvolt because it was on sale for like a dollar on the eShop, and it looked fun.

Well, my instincts turned out to be razor-sharp, because this game is fun.  I mean, it’s basically Mega Man except way shorter and easier, which is perfect for me.

mighty character 1

You know the drill here, right?  You jump and shoot and collect power-ups even though you’re not sure what they do, and then you fight bosses.  In Mighty Gunvolt, you do these things through five stages, all of which are relatively short and easy, but also very fun and cleverly designed.  Before you know it (which translates to about an hour and twenty minutes in my case), you’ve finished the game:

mighty 1st clear

But Mighty Gunvolt offers replay value through the ability to select from three characters, all of which have unique abilities and can therefore traverse levels via slightly different paths.  Wikipedia tells me that these are guest characters from other indie games, but I didn’t know or care who they were.  To me, they simply offered an opportunity to continue playing for a little while.  Key word little.  After just another couple of hours of playing, I’d beaten the game three times instead of just once:

mighty save files

It’s a brief experience for sure, but a satisfying one.  In addition to the tight control and well-designed stages, the game is also overflowing with the kind of quirky weirdness that makes us remember Japanese-developed games of the NES era so fondly.  Stuff like the letters of the word LOVE becoming a hazard as they are shot out of a speaker:

mighty character 2

Or the inevitable mess of Engrish nonsense that emerges whenever the game attempts to present its narrative:

mighty story

Man, that’s so hilariously bad that I can’t help wondering if it was done on purpose!  But since the game was actually created by Japanese developers (unlike many other retro platformers of this type), maybe not?  Perhaps it’s worth noting that in the game’s credits, the staff all use obviously fake names?

mighty credits

I don’t know.  Mostly I just love the phrases “Ben Illusion” and “Love Was in a Danger.”

Mighty Gunvolt was absolutely worth the price of admission for the afternoon of fun I got out of it (never mind the April 10th start date posted up there – that was a false start).  I’d even say it’s worth the full $4 that it sells for on the eShop.  If you’re into Mega Man, then I’m confident you will feel the same.  Now the only question that remains is:  Should I play Azure Striker Gunvolt too?

In any case, thanks for the good time, R110 and Lion13!

Mighty character 3

Bayonetta 2

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