The Nintendo Resolution: Picross 3D Round 2

Console: Nintendo 3DS

Start Date: September 18, 2016
End Date: December 5, 2016

Sorry that I have to round out the year by boring you to death about yet another Picross game.  But this one is 3D Picross!  Look, I’ll try to make it quick.

If you own a 3DS, then you know that the system is backwards compatible with 2DS games.  What you might not know is that ever since I’ve owned a 3DS, that slot has been occupied by one game and one game only: the original Picross 3D.  I just never wanted to spend a moment of my life without instant access to this game.

The game, as its title implies, offered three-dimensional Picross puzzles.  So instead of working with just a 2D grid, you’d be chipping away at a large cube to eventually discover the shape hidden within.  Here’s a freshly-googled visual aid:


Picross 3D Round 1

It looks daunting at first, but you soon come to realize that all the same skills you developed playing 2D Picross are applicable here, just with a whole other dimension to play with.

The sequel, expectedly, is mostly more of the same.  But there are some new elements added to spice up the gameplay:


The first new addition comes in the form of that bomb icon in the upper-right corner, which instantly explodes all the “zero” blocks in the picture.  Previously, your first task with every puzzle was to seek out and destroy every zero block, which was a tedious and time-consuming task.  Now, with one push of a button – KABOOM! – they’re all blown to fucking Hell!

The major new feature is that there are two “types” of blocks, as represented in the above picture by the blue and orange numbers.  These types must be dealt with and puzzled out completely separately from each other.  To help out with this, the game adds a new tool: the ability to “highlight” blocks to indicate what color they are.  So in addition to marking blocks for potential destruction or preservation, you’re also categorizing them into color-coded groups.

If you haven’t played this game, the above paragraph probably reads like confusing-ass gibberish.  Believe me when I say that I had the same reaction while trying to figure this shit in-game.  In fact, I played through the entire game without really understanding what the fuck I was doing, blundering my way through the puzzles with terribly low scores until I finished them all.


By the time I’d completed all the puzzles the first time, I’d kinda figured out the intricacies of the process – you could say that the entire game sorta served as a tutorial for me.  Then I went back to tackle the puzzles properly, which as you can imagine was much more difficult.  This is obviously a crazy way to play a game, but I didn’t mind because it essentially doubled my time with it.  And that’s fine with me – I could play Picross forever.

There were a few really fucking challenging puzzles along the way.  I especially had trouble with this goddamn lady…


…and with whatever the fuck this thing is…


But eventually I completed all the puzzles with the highest possible rating on each one.


Platinum status, yo!!


If you’ve never played a Picross game before, you might wanna dip your toe in the water with something simpler like the excellent Pokémon Picrosswhich is available for free on the 3DS eShop.  But if you’re a seasoned veteran of drawing lines across a 2D grid, then I highly recommend adding another dimension to your Picross experience.

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