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The Walking Dead #100: The Official Worst Comic Book Ever

Bait AND Switch

Just kidding, this is about SPACE: PUNISHER.


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No Words

My Little Pony: Avengeship is Magic

These are the Avengers:

This is the cast of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:

This is Loctite super glue:

Any questions?

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The Pile Consumes Everything

Protip: Getting 400 comics in four days is not a very good idea.

The Pile: Day 19

Hey you guys, comics!!

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The Pile: Day… Let’s Just Call it 18

Hey! You guys remember when I wrote about comic books every day for two weeks? Yeah? No? …no? Oh… well I did. It was great. That stuff is happening again. When the internet says “I’ll sell you 20 Batman Comics for $8.99,” I say “How the fuck do I send you all my money?!” I also went to the comic book store!! Happy comic books, everyone!

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AMC’s “Comic Book Men” and Women

Hey, wow this show makes me really angry! I keep watching it because… well, part of me really enjoys being angry about inconsequential things.  Just hearing Kevin Smith say the word “Batman” makes my skin crawl. Ughh.

I feel like this show has a huge bias against women. Here’s how they’re portrayed in the most recent episode. I also ramble about how much I hate The Killing Joke!

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