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My Year in Movies, 2014

I am posting this much later than usual this year, so my apologies for that.  I usually start writing these things around late September or October, but the last few months of 2014 were extremely shitty and hectic for me, so I didn’t get a chance to begin this until mid-January!  Hopefully you pieces of shit appreciate it!

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AMC’s “Comic Book Men” and Women

Hey, wow this show makes me really angry! I keep watching it because… well, part of me really enjoys being angry about inconsequential things.  Just hearing Kevin Smith say the word “Batman” makes my skin crawl. Ughh.

I feel like this show has a huge bias against women. Here’s how they’re portrayed in the most recent episode. I also ramble about how much I hate The Killing Joke!

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Stuff For Your Google Reader

Hey everybody, I apologize for the lack of posts in the past few weeks.  I have a few things planned though, so the Sense of Right Alliance should be back with a vengeance very soon.  In the meantime, go read some other shit!  Here are a few suggestions:

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A Few Tid-Bits Because I’m Bored at Work

So I assume we all watched The Walking Dead, right?  Holy shit.  I have to assume that the next items on Frank Darabont’s agenda are to sleep with Robert Kirkman’s wife and steal his fucking car.

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