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My Year in Movies, 2016

Happy new year!  Guess what?  My movie count actually went down in 2016!  This is due mostly to having a busier year than usual – I spent two months traveling around the country, and in the fall I got a new job that ate up a lot of my time.  I also spent a lot of my free time playing video games!  These are all positive things, of course, but they did leave a way smaller window for watching shitty movies. Continue reading

My Year in Movies, 2012

 In 2010, I watched 152 movies.  In 2011, I upped the ante a little bit with 198 movies.  And now, in 2012, I seem to have gone absolute apeshit, clocking in at a total of exactly 300 fucking movies!  That is an insane amount of movies, and I guess I really need to get a life or something.  Here’s how I wasted my year: Continue reading

The New 52 as Read by Non-Dorks (Part 5)

As the cycle of #2 issues of the New 52 comes to an end, it is becoming pretty clear which of these books I’m going to stick with, and it’s waaay less than I estimated after reading the #1’s.  Stuff that seemed intriguing the first time around got super boring super quickly which is a shame, but allows for a much more manageable comic-reading schedule.

But while I’m looking forward to a significantly smaller percentage of the #3’s, my superteam of comix n00bz is still plowing through the #1 issues, and reporting back to you, the Sense of Right Alliance reader.  Be sure to check out prior installments (Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4) as well.

Continue reading

Flashpoint: Week 8

Here we go, into the second wave of issues in DC’s Flashpoint event!  If you need to catch up, you can read about Flashpoint #1 here.  Write-ups on #2, as well as the first issues of all the tie-ins covered in this post, can be found here.

All caught up?  Great, let’s forge onward!

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