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My Year in Movies, 2013

Hey, remember when I used to actually write things for this blog?  Things about comic books and video games and all sorts of fun stuff?  Or hey, how about when I started slacking off, but the awesome Jenny Incompetence kept the blog going in spite of my laziness?  Perhaps 2014 will be the year where I get this shit rolling again, but in 2013 I was busy watching way, way too many movies.

Let’s run the numbers!  In 2010, I watched 152 movies.  In 2011: 198 movies.  In 2012: 300 movies.  All of those are really disturbingly high numbers, but in 2013 I upped the ante to a crazy degree, clocking in at a disgusting total of 368 fucking movies!!  For those of you unwilling or unable to do the math, that is an average of about 1.008 movies a day.  God damn it, I am so ashamed.  Read on for the full report on every movie I watched.  For your convenience, I’ve included a link to the movies which are available to stream on Netflix – sorry I didn’t do the same for Hulu or Amazon or any other services, but I don’t have them, so fuck it.  Anyway, here we go:

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Sense of Right Alliance Assemble for Free Comic Book Day 2012!!

Hey it’s me, Chadd Derkins, back for a special Free Comic Book Day edition of the blog!  Last year, I walked you through my exciting Free Comic Book Day adventures and a wonderful time was had by all.  This year’s FCBD was way less eventful, but a lot more free books were snagged.  So, for the first time ever, the entire Sense of Right Alliance – Chadd Derkins, Grath Madden, and Jenny Incompetence – have assembled to tell you, faithful reader, about all the stupid garbage we spent an otherwise beautiful Saturday shoveling greedily into our backpacks.

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Just a quick update to say I’m still alive.  I’ve fallen way behind on my Flashpoint bloggin’ for the following reasons:

1 – actually having work to do at work, which sucks
2 – The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time 3D, which is, like, so fucking good
3 – Heroclix, Breaking Bad,  Curb Your Enthusiasm, reading the entire run of Gotham Central
4 – actually going outside once in a while

Plus, Flashpoint has been pretty fucking boring for the past couple weeks, to tell the truth.  It’s the “issue #2 of #3” doldrums, yknow?  But, I promise I will catch up very soon.  Until then, enjoy summertime!!

Flashpoint: Week 8

Here we go, into the second wave of issues in DC’s Flashpoint event!  If you need to catch up, you can read about Flashpoint #1 here.  Write-ups on #2, as well as the first issues of all the tie-ins covered in this post, can be found here.

All caught up?  Great, let’s forge onward!

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Flashpoint: Week 7

Okay, after this week’s books, all the flashpieces will be in flashplace, and we will be familiar with all the major flashplayers of this story.  Let’s get this flashparty started!

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Flashpoint: Week 6

As we ease into the penultimate week of Flashpoint‘s first act, we are unfortunately faced with the event’s weakest batch of books yet.  Not that these titles (in which Lois Lane, Kid Flash, Reverse Flash and The Outsider headline) are bad or anything, but they just didn’t immediately grab me the way many of the other tie-ins have.  Let’s start with the best of the bunch…

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Flashpoint: Week 5

I’m almost all caught up with my Flashpoint backlog, which is great because I have some non-Flashpoint-related posts that I’m excited to get to.  Look forward to those, but for now here are the books from last week.

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Flashpoint: Week 4

Flashpoint.  Let’s fucking do this.

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Flashpoint: Week 3

These past few weeks, Flashpoint has finally turned into the insane spectacle we all knew it would be, with five thousand goddamn books coming out every Wednesday.  And in the midst of that, E3 happened, forcing me to put my embarrassing comic book obsession aside in favor of my embarrassing video game obsession for a week or so.  I’ve also sort of gotten into Heroclix, which is an unfortunate development in my life to say the least.  The point is that as far as Flashpoint goes, I am now forced to play hardcore catch-up with a few weeks worth of issues (which I am hoping to do in the next couple of days).  I’ll confess that I’m pretty overwhelmed, but let’s forge the fuck ahead, shall we?

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Flashpoint: Week 2

DC’s Flashpoint event continues this week with Booster Gold #44.  I absolutely love the character Booster Gold (mostly from his roles in 52 and the Justice League International), but aside from the Generation Lost miniseries, I haven’t really kept up to date on his recent adventures.  Most notably, I know very little about the events of the Time Masters title or of Booster’s own book, both of which seem to directly lead in to his role in Flashpoint.  That could be slightly problematic, but this issue actually does a great job in catching new readers up.  Let’s dive in!
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