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The New 52, as Read by Non-Dorks (Part 4)

Hey some people reviewed some comic books!  They’re not the kind of people you’d expect to review comic books!  It’s very exciting!  If you read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, you know what to expect.  So yeah, just read this shit.  I’m going to play Arkham City.

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The New 52, as Read by Non-Dorks (Part 1)

Well, Flashpoint is over and DC’s New 52 initiative is in full gear.  Since I totally dropped the ball on my Flashpoint coverage, I figured I daren’t attempt to write about these fifty-fucking-two issues, lest I expose myself as a flake even more than I already have.  My solution: Get other people to write about the books for me!

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Flashpoint: Week 8

Here we go, into the second wave of issues in DC’s Flashpoint event!  If you need to catch up, you can read about Flashpoint #1 here.  Write-ups on #2, as well as the first issues of all the tie-ins covered in this post, can be found here.

All caught up?  Great, let’s forge onward!

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Flashpoint: Week 3

These past few weeks, Flashpoint has finally turned into the insane spectacle we all knew it would be, with five thousand goddamn books coming out every Wednesday.  And in the midst of that, E3 happened, forcing me to put my embarrassing comic book obsession aside in favor of my embarrassing video game obsession for a week or so.  I’ve also sort of gotten into Heroclix, which is an unfortunate development in my life to say the least.  The point is that as far as Flashpoint goes, I am now forced to play hardcore catch-up with a few weeks worth of issues (which I am hoping to do in the next couple of days).  I’ll confess that I’m pretty overwhelmed, but let’s forge the fuck ahead, shall we?

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Flashpoint: Week 1

DC’s new event Flashpoint begins this week, and in spite of myself, I am pretty excited about it!  With a freshly-off-of-Brightest-Day Geoff Johns at the helm, this has the potential to be fun as shit, incredibly stupid, or (likeliest of all) a beautiful combination of both.  Since I’ve pretty much decided that I’m going to read every goddamn page of this thing, I figured I might as well blog about it as I go!  Flash Fact:  Spoilers ahead.

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