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My Year in Movies, 2016

Happy new year!  Guess what?  My movie count actually went down in 2016!  This is due mostly to having a busier year than usual – I spent two months traveling around the country, and in the fall I got a new job that ate up a lot of my time.  I also spent a lot of my free time playing video games!  These are all positive things, of course, but they did leave a way smaller window for watching shitty movies. Continue reading

My Year in Movies, 2014

I am posting this much later than usual this year, so my apologies for that.  I usually start writing these things around late September or October, but the last few months of 2014 were extremely shitty and hectic for me, so I didn’t get a chance to begin this until mid-January!  Hopefully you pieces of shit appreciate it!

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Sense of Right Alliance Assemble for Free Comic Book Day 2012!!

Hey it’s me, Chadd Derkins, back for a special Free Comic Book Day edition of the blog!  Last year, I walked you through my exciting Free Comic Book Day adventures and a wonderful time was had by all.  This year’s FCBD was way less eventful, but a lot more free books were snagged.  So, for the first time ever, the entire Sense of Right Alliance – Chadd Derkins, Grath Madden, and Jenny Incompetence – have assembled to tell you, faithful reader, about all the stupid garbage we spent an otherwise beautiful Saturday shoveling greedily into our backpacks.

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The New 52, as Read by Non-Dorks (Part 1)

Well, Flashpoint is over and DC’s New 52 initiative is in full gear.  Since I totally dropped the ball on my Flashpoint coverage, I figured I daren’t attempt to write about these fifty-fucking-two issues, lest I expose myself as a flake even more than I already have.  My solution: Get other people to write about the books for me!

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Comics You Should Be Reading in 2011

Since I got back into comics, a few people have asked me for suggestions on what they should be checking out.  Obviously, I usually try to tailor my answer to that person’s specific tastes, but now I will present a list of books I am excited about as we enter a new year, and that I think other people (especially other people like me, who are new at this comics thing) might enjoy.  Bear in mind that I’m no expert, and this is far from a definitive list.  For example, you will see that there are zero Marvel books on the list, because I don’t personally give much of a shit about Marvel and don’t read any of it.  This is the stuff I am jazzed for, and that I think you might be too. 

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Batman RIP – A Blast From the Past!

I just read the mind-blowing Batman and Robin #16, and I really want to write about it.  But first I thought I should catch my thousands of readers up on Morrison’s saga, and I will do so via a cut-n-pasted blast from the past.  A little over a year ago, when I was first getting back into comic books, I downloaded a torrent that contained the entirety of Grant Morrison’s Batman saga up to that point.  As I read it, I documented my thoughts on a message board I frequent.  Bear in mind that this was all written over a year ago, and I knew even less about the current state of the DCU than I do now.  Looking back at these old writings, I was also a lot more cynical and sarcastic about comic books in general, as opposed to the easily excited manchild I’ve since become.  Everything after the break will be the shit I wrote on the message board, with individual posts separated by lines like this: ————–.  Enjoy!

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