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My Little Pony: Avengeship is Magic

These are the Avengers:

This is the cast of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:

This is Loctite super glue:

Any questions?

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Sense of Right Alliance Assemble for Free Comic Book Day 2012!!

Hey it’s me, Chadd Derkins, back for a special Free Comic Book Day edition of the blog!  Last year, I walked you through my exciting Free Comic Book Day adventures and a wonderful time was had by all.  This year’s FCBD was way less eventful, but a lot more free books were snagged.  So, for the first time ever, the entire Sense of Right Alliance – Chadd Derkins, Grath Madden, and Jenny Incompetence – have assembled to tell you, faithful reader, about all the stupid garbage we spent an otherwise beautiful Saturday shoveling greedily into our backpacks.

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The Pile: Day 1

I think I read more books than these but I forgot what they were. Today was my only day off this week so I tried to get through as many as possible.

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My Name is Jenny Incompetence and This is My Giant Pile of Comic Books

Look, I have some problems:

1) I Buy a Lot of Comic Books — I like comics, I like filing, I like to buy things that make me feel better. I also like sales and might have bought about $100 worth of 80-cent books. Maybe.
2) I Have Some Obsessive Issues — I keep a very detailed spreadsheet of all the comic books I own, and I can’t file anything until it’s both read and in my big dumb spreadsheet.
3) No One Cares About My Comic Book Nonsense — …and I want to tell the internet all about it.

So I convinced Chadd to let me write about it here. I’m going to blog about it as I slowly make my way through this giant monstrous thing that has consumed my life in the past couple weeks. It sure is going to be a thing I do and then write about it on the internet.