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What Free Comic Book Day Cost Me

This past Saturday was Free Comic Book Day, which for my friends and me meant a whirlwind tour around New York City, lots of fun, lots of walking, and ironically, lots of money spent.  Time for an inventory!

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A Few Tid-Bits Because I’m Bored at Work

So I assume we all watched The Walking Dead, right?  Holy shit.  I have to assume that the next items on Frank Darabont’s agenda are to sleep with Robert Kirkman’s wife and steal his fucking car.

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The Talking Dead

Welcome to the Sense of Right Alliance Halloween Party 2010!  Throughout the month of October, I will be writing (every day, hopefully) about things related to horror, monsters, and other creepy crawly Halloweeny things!  Let’s kick things off as almost anything should be kicked off – with the motherfucking zombie apocalypse!

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