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My Year in Movies, 2016

Happy new year!  Guess what?  My movie count actually went down in 2016!  This is due mostly to having a busier year than usual – I spent two months traveling around the country, and in the fall I got a new job that ate up a lot of my time.  I also spent a lot of my free time playing video games!  These are all positive things, of course, but they did leave a way smaller window for watching shitty movies. Continue reading

My Year in Movies, 2015

I thought that I had watched fewer movies than usual in 2015.  I really did.  But, I didn’t.  Not at all.  Before we get to that, though, let’s first take a look back at my movie-watching stats from previous years:

2010: 152 movies
2011: 198 movies
2012: 300 movies
2013: 368 movies
2014: 299 movies

So how many movies did I watch in 2015?  I watched an embarrassing 367 MOVIES, just a single film shy of 2013’s all-time record.  When you combine that with the insane amount of video games I beat in 2015, it becomes clear that I barely left the house.  In my defense, I spent the last 1/3 of the year in my first extended period of unemployment in more than a decade, so I had a lot of free time!  I spent much of that free time watching stupid movies.

The movie’s titles (for the most part) link to their IMDB pages, and when applicable, I also provide links to streaming sites where you can watch them free and legally.  You’re welcome.

Here are the movies I watched in 2015:

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My Year in Movies, 2014

I am posting this much later than usual this year, so my apologies for that.  I usually start writing these things around late September or October, but the last few months of 2014 were extremely shitty and hectic for me, so I didn’t get a chance to begin this until mid-January!  Hopefully you pieces of shit appreciate it!

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I Didn’t Read Any Comics Today…

…but I did buy some legos and a buffalo-style chicken wrap.

Short Version:

Long Version:

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The Pile: Day 2

Happy comic book day! Wooo!


Okay only half of these books are actually from the pile, but still.

Here’s the short version:

Here’s the long version:

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The Pile: Day 1

I think I read more books than these but I forgot what they were. Today was my only day off this week so I tried to get through as many as possible.

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The New 52, as Read by Non-Dorks (Part 2)

Well, DC’s month of new #1 issues is officially over, but fear not!  Here at the Sense of Right Alliance, new readers continue to dive headfirst into the blinding depths of the new DCU.  As in Part 1 of this feature, I have tasked several non-DC fans with reading one of the “New 52” issues and reporting their thoughts.

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